You’ve probably heard the analogy of people being like onions … many layers can be peeled back. At our core is the question “What does ‘this’ say about me as a person?” How we view ourselves determines our reality, resilience, meaning, relationships, and peace of mind.

Thoughts and feelings that are interwoven with self-esteem include:

“I’m not enough”

Guilt (even if nobody in the world ever knows, I did something wrong.)

Shame - Ugh, they know!

The other side of the coin is Positive Self-Esteem which comes from Growth. To be clear, this is not narcissism, entitlement or rationalizing inappropriate behavior. Authentic self-esteem is firmly rooted in “the facts” and TONS OF SELF-COMPASSION.While it is appropriate and healthy to feel a level of responsibility for our actions, most people experience them to a disproportionate degree. The Opposite of Shame: Self-Worth and Confidence

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