Change and Growth

Most growth stems from one of two places: an attitude of “Hey, I’m doing pretty well but would enjoy the benefits from kicking it up a notch” to “This is my worst nightmare … it’s sink or swim”.

I specialize in helping clients adjust to significant changes in their lives whether chosen or not. Relationships, career, illness … any type of change or a desire for change to the status quo. Together, we can explore how to best play the hand you’re currently holding to maximize the odds of your peace of mind.

Whether you feel out of balance (too much time at work and not enough with the people you care about?) or are in the midst of a crisis, you can learn ways to respond to your current situation with greater wisdom.

Do I have to wait for something awful to happen in order to grow?

Absolutely NOT!

We can choose to make positive changes at any time. Growing resilience and strengths is necessary to a peaceful, productive, and fulfilling life. It also benefits our physical health in a myriad of ways such as reducing cortisol, inflammation, heart disease and addictions to name just a few. If you’ve been successful, yet feel “compartmentalized”, integrating all aspects of yourself may be the best area of focus.

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