Dignity Therapy

Dignity Therapy offers those nearing the end of life, or in early stage dementia, an opportunity to increase peace of mind both for themselves and their loved ones. The culmination of the therapy is a written "legacy document" that preserves their lasting words across time and generations. The legacy document has been called "the most loving gift" a person facing end-of-life could provide.

Poignant messages have included things previously left unsaid, or things that need to be said again. The document may contain anything the person wishes to express; for example, messages of love, forgiveness, permission for a spouse to fall in love again, as well as hopes and dreams for children and grandchildren.

Dignity Therapy was developed by Dr. Harvey Max Chochinov and his renowned research team. A significant amount of empirical data indicates that Dignity Therapy provides psychological benefits for both patients and their grieving families. Dignity Therapy research was conducted with patients in the United States, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Scotland, England, Denmark, and Portugal.

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Dr. Chochinov and Jim Stentz in Winnepeg, Canada.

Jim trained with Dr. Chochinov and his research team, as well as additional experts from around the globe, in providing Dignity Therapy.